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Shaping the energy future with new efficient end-use technologies


Utilization Technology Development, NFP (UTD) is at the forefront of research, development, and deployment for end-use equipment and appliances. As a not-for-profit corporation led by our 18 utility member companies, we represent over 40 million natural gas customers in the Americas and Europe. UTD directs and sponsors a wide-ranging program to enhance the use, reliability, and efficiency of natural gas appliances and technologies to benefit ratepayers, utilities, and the environment.


UTD’s RD&D technology portfolio impacts residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation market segments, and includes gas equipment and appliances, industrial process and combustion systems, distributed generation, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, and natural gas vehicles (NGVs). UTD’s member companies work together in a collaborative manner to control and direct program content, initiatives, individual research projects, and other activities. These solutions more effectively:

  • Save consumers money by lowering operating costs and capital costs
  • Minimize environmental impacts by achieving higher energy efficiencies and reducing equipment emissions
  • Enable efficient fuel choices by providing new novel energy-efficient gas-fired equipment options
  • Integrate with renewable energy sources
  • Provide a pathway for innovative natural gas solutions and technologies

UTD partners closely with federal, state, and local government research funding agencies, as well as manufacturers, universities, research organizations, and other industry stakeholders to ensure effective program results and leverage member investments with significant additional research funding. With its members and partners, UTD has been shaping the energy future with new efficient end-use technologies since 2004.