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Increasing Efficiency and Environmental Performance


Enhancing Safety, Resiliency and Reliability


Integrating More Renewable Energy

Support for UTD’s Impactful Collaborative Research


Michael Garrabrant, Founder and CEO, Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. (“SMTI”)

“UTD provides an invaluable contribution towards the advancement of innovative, very high-efficiency products within the gas and energy industry. Without UTD’s support on numerous projects over the prior 10 years, SMTI would not have been able to prove out and de-risk our family of affordable thermally-driven heat pumps, a critical first step before investors will step in to support commercialization activities. Our Hybrid GAHP/AC heat pump model will help move gas heat pumps from a solid niche to the mainstream HVAC/water heating market.”


Sumanta Acharya, Department Chair, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

“The sub-dew-point cooling technology is very exciting and promising technology!  I’m pleased to have contributed my expertise in heat-transfer numerical modeling of its key components.  Its really great to see government, universities, manufacturers, utilities, and other researchers partnering together through DOE’s and UTD’s financial support to accelerate the commercial availability of new energy efficient technologies for homeowners, businesses, campuses, and industry!”


Cory Honl, Senior Director – Global Industrial Solutions, Generac Power Solutions

“As homeowners, commercial and industrial customers seek to improve the resiliency of their energy supply, the technical information provided by UTD and its utility members has helped quantify the reliability and long-duration delivery of underground natural gas distribution system. This work also demonstrated the economic benefits and emissions reductions from using renewable or fossil natural gas versus other fuels for on-site back-up power generation.”


Aaron Winer, Senior Program Manager, Natural Gas, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

“Evaluating emerging and innovative technologies is crucial to transforming the market for efficient natural gas products. The insights provided through this project allowed NEEA to fully understand the performance, potential, and areas for improvement for the BOOSTHEAT BH.20.”

CSA Group

Julie Cairns, Senior Project Manager, Alternative Energy, CSA Group

“CSA recognizes the input and insight that our committee members provide on NGV technical subcommittees. Through participation in the standards-development process, UTD contributes to the deployment of safe and reliable components, equipment, and practices for the industry.”


Jaeson Cardiff, CEO, CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies Inc.

“UTD and its utility members have been essential partners in advancing our carbon capture technology. Their support has helped us to develop a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continued success in carbon capture and utilization with our disruptive technology along with help from our partners at GTI Energy.”


Michael Chatzigrigoriou, CEO, iGen Technologies Inc.

“Working with UTD has been valuable to iGEN, as it has supported the testing and validation of our i2, and helped us share the results of this important work within the energy industry. The UTD team is ideally structured to support iGEN as we continue growing our early-adopter sales and innovating our products. We look forward to continued collaboration with the UTD team.”


Daniel Gage, President, NGVAmerica

“The NGVA Technology Committee largely relies on the voluntary efforts of member companies and their representatives to address the issues of most importance. UTD’s support to provide representation on the Committee and our working groups has been instrumental in the many achievements to date.”


Alan Thomas, President and Chief Executive Officer, GRIDIRON LLC

“GRIDIRON (formerly M-Trigen) has been working closely with UTD for over five years. With UTD’s support and GTI’s independent testing and subject matter expertise, we’ve significantly advanced our technology from prototype to commercial product. We look forward to continuing to work with UTD as we introduce more innovative high-efficiency mCHP products for customers across North America.”

UTD Market Impact