Applied gas energy research • benefiting end users • accelerated by utilities • with many partners

What We Do Accelerate Market Transformation with Applied Gas Energy Research

We research, develop, and demonstrate (RD&D) innovative, efficient, end-use equipment or technologies fueled by renewable or fossil natural gas, or hydrogen, that have achieved proof-of-concept or early prototype scale but may not be quite ready or validated for wide-spread support through utility Energy Efficiency programs, Emerging Technology Programs, or other Market Transformation efforts.

We accelerate the availability of new products and technologies needed to economically transform markets to a higher-efficiency, lower-carbon future, by advancing key new innovations, making real-world assessments and validations of installation, operation and maintenance expenses, using holistic performance analyses that consider peak as well as annual energy demands, and recognizing the value to end users of affordability, reliability and resiliency. To express this in US DOE’s definitions of Technical Readiness Levels, we typically focus on advancing equipment or technologies from about TRL 4 to 7, or beyond.


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