Integrys (Peoples Gas) Joins UTD

Des Plaines, IL

Cooperative research in the natural gas industry is demonstrating its ability to meet the needs of energy customers, boost the benefits of natural gas as an energy source, and identify emerging needs and solutions. Utilization Technology Development, NFP (UTD) is at the forefront of collaborative technology development and demonstration, leveraging members' resources and capabilities to enhance the use, reliability, efficiency, and environmental attributes of natural gas appliances and technologies. Integrys (Peoples Gas) recently joined the program to help achieve this goal and work closely with the natural gas industry to ensure a secure energy future.

Peoples Gas is a regulated natural gas utility serving approximately 817,400 residential and business customers in the city of Chicago. It is a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group, a holding company headquartered in Chicago. Notes Mary Boettcher, Vice President-Customer Relations, Integrys Business Support, LLC, "We're pleased to become a member of UTD. It's a way for our company to keep research on the forefront and push energy efficiency and reduced emissions in residential and commercial markets, while still maintaining strong focus on our key industrial customers. UTD has a really positive reputation for bringing technologies and equipment to market."

In 2004, UTD was formed around five companies. UTD has grown substantially and now encompasses 16 member companies that serve over 20 million natural gas customers in 25 states and Canada.

The market-oriented group has seen significant success across industrial, commercial, residential, and transportation sectors. UTD facilitated the development of the energy efficient Transport Membrane Condenser (TMC), an advanced heat recovery system (AHRS) for commercial and industrial boilers now available from Cannon Boiler Works. UTD is also addressing key energy efficiency challenges in the buildings sector (residential and commercial) as well as new technology products that support the growing natural gas vehicle market.

The success and growth of UTD is a trend that continues to gain momentum. "Natural gas is a clean, abundant, domestic resource, and the demand for this energy source continues to grow," notes UTD President Ron Snedic. "With the dedicated support of our members, UTD's collaborative program will continue to find ways to best leverage natural gas and bring dependable and efficient natural gas technologies from the lab to the field."


About Utilization Technology Development (UTD)
UTD is a not-for-profit, utility-controlled program with a mission to identify, select, fund, and oversee research projects resulting in innovative solutions that expand the use, cost effectiveness, and efficiency of gas utilization equipment. UTD helps utilities and their customers adopt new technologies that reduce costs, save energy, enable efficient fuel choices, further integrate natural gas with renewable energy resources, and achieve superior environmental performance. UTD is one of ten industry collaboratives led by GTI Energy.